On Ten Amendments Day, we come together in support of our Constitution, the freedoms it preserves, and the rights it protects. Why is there a need to support and promote the Bill of Rights?

Powerful organizations have been taking advantage of current events to undermine the principles that have kept Americans free for 219 years. Free speech is confined to fenced-in zones. Privacy is invaded without warrant. Citizens are held without formal charges and without legal counsel.

Most threatening, religious activists are seeking to install God in our government. Groups like the Ten Commandments Day Commission and millions of followers are lobbying to make the Ten Commandments the law of the land, a move that would replace everyone's civil liberties with the Commission's religious preferences. This attempt to align the power of government with the authority of God challenges the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and endangers the rights protected by the other Nine.

It is proper to take alarm and take action.

At tenamendmentsday.org, you will find the resources you need to learn about the Bill of Rights and the debates that went into the creation of our secular Constitution. You’ll find articles about the Ten Commandments and the current court cases attempting to force religion into the government.

We have created informative brochures for you to print and distribute as well as flyers and ads that you can personalize to fit your own Ten Amendments Day event

While some would divide the nation along religious lines, we seek to honor the values that unite all Americans. Join us at tenamendmentsday.org


Ten Amendments Day flyer


All brochures are two-sided trifold brochures that can be copied in color or black and white. There is a space for you to insert information about your group or contact information.

A Secular Humanist Declaration: A Defense of Secular Humanism's Commitment to Democracy (pdf)

Are the Ten Commandments Relevant Today? (pdf)

The Bill of Rights (pdf)

Madison's Memorial and Remonstrance against Religious Assessments (pdf)

Protect My Children from the Ten Commandments (pdf)


Other Resources

Books that deal with Bill of Rights issues

The Bill of Rights pdf html

More Materials Coming Soon!


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