The First Amendment Task Force is a project of the Council for Secular Humanism which, for more than a decade, has worked to preserve the separation of church and state guaranteed by the "Establishment" clause of the First Amendment. It is chaired by Eddie Tabash, Constitutional lawyer and chair of CFI – West. The First Amendment Task Force consists of a network of volunteer attorneys throughout the United States who work together to file friend-of-the-court (amicus) briefs in Supreme Court cases affecting church and state issues, and file suits where appropriate and possible to maintain our religious freedoms.

In the past few years, the First Amendment Task Force has filed amicus briefs in every major establishment clause case before the Supreme Court, including the Newdow case, involving the pledge of allegiance, and the McCreary and Van Orden cases, regarding the displays of Ten Commandments plaques and monuments on government lands.

This past year we also filed a lawsuit against Florida and its governor for instituting a statewide “faith based initiatives” program in contravention of Florida’s “Blaine” amendment, which is even more stringent than the Federal bar against entanglement of the state and religion.

We are always looking for dedicated defenders of the Constitution to help us in our ongoing work to preserve religious freedom. Please contact David Koepsell, executive Director of the FATF, at, to become one of our network of volunteer attorneys.

To support the activities of the First Amendment Task Force, please contact Sherry Rook,, (716) 636-4869 or write to:

Center for Inquiry
First Amendment Task Force
P.O. Box 741
Amherst, NY 14226