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Meet the Founding Fathers
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Thomas Jefferson
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Papers of George Washington
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James Madison
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The Constitutional Convention
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A Century of Lawmaking for A New Nations: U.S Congressional Documents and Debates
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The Founding Fathers: Fact and Fiction

For supporters of the Ten Commandments Day Commission, the recent efforts to rewrite history are the culmination of years of preparation and propaganda. Beginning in the 1980's, Commission members such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, and David Barton, began producing articles, books, and videos supporting the myth that America was and is a Christian Nation. Their claims were dubious at best and outright fraudulent at worst, but the myth spread quickly as believers and broadcasters disseminated the materials from private homes all the way to the House of Representatives.

200 Years and Counting: Thomas Jefferson’s Famous “Wall of Separation between Church and State” Letter - Ed Buckner

Madison, who wrote the Constitution, said good government is dependent on the Ten Commandments. Isn’t the Constitution Judeo-Christian? - Ed Buckner

Since most of the Framers of the Constitution were religious in some regard, how can you deny that they established a Christian government? - Ed Buckner

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Mything In Action: David Barton's 'Questionable Quotes' - Rob Boston

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